The Ever Fiend

Only a fool steals from a wizard

Talon Stormbringer Story

The Ever Fiend

Talon Stormbringer thought he knew the risk of stealing from Viland Shadowbreaker – until he got caught. The wizard will spare him if Talon performs a service – fetch the deadly silver elixir from the Everway, a supernatural land that Talon assumed wasn’t real. Only children believe the stories about what lies within – lost souls, corrupted magic items, and mysterious destinations that most people never escape. Ruling over it all is the Ever Fiend, a bogeyman that people use to scare unruly youngsters into behaving.

Talon agrees to go, if only to stop Viland from doing something unholy with the potent elixir once retrieved. Joining him are a band of people he can’t trust. Their leader, a sorelia with nefarious plans of his own. The sorelia’s battle-trained mynx, a large cat who obeys only its master.  An alluring swordswoman who wants to enchant her blades with the elixir. A cocky guard whose bravado might prove more liability than asset. A warrior kryll whose curiosity about the elixir might cost him more than his life. And a tortured Knight of Coiryn who seeks redemption in a place where most are damned. Of all the things they might discover on their journey, one is the most obvious and yet the hardest to learn…

Only a fool steals from the Ever Fiend.

Release Date: October 3, 2016


Self-Publishing Review

“Randy Ellefson has really made himself a name to watch with this title as his debut. With strong writing, strong characters, this is a strong introduction to Talon Stormbringer and what to expect in his upcoming series. This is a wholly professional product with a beautiful cover and a great amount of care taken on the piece throughout. It’s great to see a fantasy read with this amount of love poured into it, with the skill and know-how to make it gleam. A stand-out for dark fantasy, Talon Stormbringer brings the thunder in his first proper outing. Let’s hope to see more of his adventures and misadventures very, very soon!” 4.5 stars. – Self-Publishing Review.



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