The Art of World Building

The Art of World Building non-fiction series by Randy Ellefson will be at least seven books.

Main Releases

Volumes 1-3 of the series are the primary books, which are available in paperback, hardback, audio book, and eBook.

Released May 2017

Released November 2017

Release Winter 2019

Release 2020


As of summer 2019, only the paperback and hardbacks are available to libraries and book stores due to exclusivity deals with Amazon and ACX for the eBooks and audio books.

The Transcript Books

Ellefson turned the books into a successful podcast, each episode based on a chapter of one volume. The transcripts of the episodes are collected into volumes 4-6, which are currently available in paperback, audio book, and eBook formats.

Released May 2019

Released July 2019

Release 2020


As of summer 2019, all formats are only available to retail but this is slated to change. ETA TBD.